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TMJ Therapy - Clintonville, OH

The Solution for a Clicking, Popping Jaw

Many adults suffer from jaw pain, but that does not mean that a clicking, popping, painful jaw is just another side effect of getting older. If your discomfort is so frequent of severe that it prevents you from eating, speaking, or sleeping normally, it may be time to find out about how TMJ therapy in Clintonville can help. We here at Creative Smiles offer solutions for jaw pain to help patients like you find relief at long last. Keep reading to learn more about how TMJ therapy works -- and what your treatment might include.

What Is TMJ/TMD?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the network of ligaments, bones, and nerves that allow your jaw to move up and down and from side to side. It is a complex system that can cause pain if it becomes strained or comes out of alignment. These cases are known as TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction -- which most people still refer to as simply “TMJ.”

The symptoms of TMJ/TMD include the following:

  • A jaw that clicks, pops, or aches upon opening and closing
  • A grinding sound or sensation upon opening or closing the jaw
  • Lockjaw or difficulty opening or closing the jaw
  • Jaw pain due to overuse -- like after a night of speaking loud or singing at a concert
  • Neck or head pain
  • Earaches
  • Tingling extremities

What Does Therapy for TMJ/TMD Include?

If you experience any of the prior symptoms, it is worth a visit to your dentist at Creative Smiles to discuss how therapy for TMJ/TMD may benefit you. As the expert in all things related to your teeth and mouth, your dentist is uniquely qualified to provide treatment for jaw pain.

Therapies used for jaw pain are varied. The approach that works for you will depend on what is causing your discomfort to begin with. An X-ray or special scan will help your dentist determine the best course of action.

Some of the methods for alleviating jaw pain include:

  • Occlusal splints which are worn at night while you sleep and gradually realign the TMJ
  • An oral appliance which cushions the tooth enamel to prevent issues related to teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Orthodontic treatment to take strain off the TMJ by correcting a misaligned bite
  • Botox®, which can help by freezing the muscles that cause pain when they contract

Find Relief from Jaw Pain Today

If you are dealing with chronic jaw pain or issues related to teeth grinding and jaw clenching, your dentist in Clintonville may be able to provide help with treatment for TMJ/TMD. The only way to know for sure is to visit our office and discuss your symptoms with our exceptional dentists and staff. Go ahead and contact Creative Smiles to book a consultation today!