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If you and your loved ones receive dental insurance coverage through your employer, count yourselves lucky! Having dental insurance is a smart way to make it easy to afford the preventive and restorative services that keep everyone smiling for the long-haul. Patients with Delta Dental insurance can take advantage of their coverage by visiting Creative Smiles. We are in-network with this provider (and several others) and are pleased to offer our expert knowledge for your benefit! Keep reading to learn more about how Delta Dental works -- and how you can put it to use at our office.

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Delta Dental Coverage & Availability

As with most dental insurance plans, you pay for your Delta Dental insurance upfront in the form of a monthly premium. This amount of money makes you eligible for set discounts and coverage on a full list of necessary services. In fact, you may be eligible for up to $1,500 of dental services after meeting your deductible. These discounts can include:

  • Preventive services: 80% to 100% covered
  • Checkups and cleanings, dental X-rays, fluoride treatment, periodontal therapy
  • Restorative dentistry: 50% to 80% covered
  • Basic fillings, tooth-colored restorations, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, root canal therapy
  • Cosmetic dentistry and other elective procedures: 0% covered (except in the rare instances that they are necessary for your oral health)
  • Visiting an in-network dentist (someone who has signed a contract to provide your care at a reduced rate) like Creative Smiles will help make it easier to strategize on how best to use your dental insurance coverage. For example, sometimes it may make sense to break up more complex treatments into two coverage periods to reduce out-of-pocket fees.

Meet Marilyn, Who Handles Insurance

At Creative Smiles, our patients love working with Marilyn -- she is able to make the insurance process downright enjoyable! Marilyn is our insurance coordinator and front desk administrator. Originally from Clintonville, she has been with us for quite a while. Marilyn says the best part of her job is easing fears and showing everyone how much she cares. Working with Marilyn to maximize your Delta Dental coverage will be a breeze… and you will be so glad you did. To learn more about your coverage or how you can put it to use at your next dental appointment, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Go ahead and contact us to book an appointment today!