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Dangers of Sleep Apnea – Columbus, OH

The Risks of Your Untreated Sleep Apnea

Man with trouble sleeping

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that causes those affected to stop and start breathing repeatedly during sleep. The result is a bad night’s rest followed by an even worse day of unproductivity. However, the negative effects of sleep apnea unfortunately don’t stop there. This sleeping disorder has a variety of hidden dangers that you should be aware of. With an estimated 80% of sleep apnea cases untreated, it’s important to understand the ways that this condition can affect your body. Read on to learn more about how sleep apnea in Clintonville can affect you and even those around you.

How Can Sleep Apnea Affect Me?

Woman with trouble sleeping

Those affected by sleep apnea will typically experience trouble sleeping, daytime drowsiness, and other symptoms related to lack of sleep. While these problems are significant, there are some hidden risks of sleep apnea that can have a bigger impact on your overall health, including:

  • Heart disease: If you have sleep apnea, you’re more likely to have heart attacks because it disrupts how your body takes in oxygen, making it hard for your brain to control blood flow.
  • High blood pressure: Sleep apnea can make already high blood pressure worse because it causes stress during rest.
  • Weight gain: Not only do extra pounds increase your chance of sleep apnea, but the sleep condition makes it harder to lose weight.
  • Type 2 diabetes: Your chances of sleep apnea automatically increase if you have diabetes. However, sleep apnea also keeps your body from using insulin properly, raising your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Adult asthma: People who receive sleep apnea treatment tend to have fewer asthma attacks, but research hasn’t proven a direct link.

How Can Sleep Apnea Affect Others Around Me?

Family smiling

Unfortunately, your sleep apnea can even affect people around you. Loud snoring, one of the most common symptoms of this disorder, can keep your sleeping partner and kids awake. Additionally, with less sleep, you’re less productive at work, affecting your fellow colleagues. Lastly, sleep apnea can even affect your safety as well as those around you. This condition can cause car accidents or even misuse of tolls or heavy machinery. For these reasons alone, it’s incredibly important to seek treatment if you’ve been having trouble sleeping.

At Creative Smiles, Dr. Eric P. Buck can treat your sleep apnea to give you a good night’s rest, improve your health, and protect those around you. To avoid some of its hidden dangers, contact our office for a sleep diagnosis and treatment. A simple consultation with Dr. Buck is all it takes to start your journey towards a healthy and more restful sleep schedule.