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Why are Dental Implants So Successful for Tooth Replacement?

March 17, 2021

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More and more, patients are becoming aware of the possibility of replacing their missing teeth with dental implants. This may partly be attributed to the fact that the procedure has a 95% effectiveness rating, but what makes this possible? Continue reading to discover the key contributors to dental implant success!

Careful Oral Health Assessment

To qualify for dental implants, a dentist will need to perform a thorough examination of your soft tissue and any remaining teeth. If any problems are identified, they will need to be treated before proceeding with implantation. In doing so, dentists are able to extend the life of a dental implant.

Swift Action

When it comes to having dental implants placed, taking action sooner than later increases the chances of success. The longer you prolong replacing a missing tooth, the greater the chance of experiencing jawbone shifting and bone loss. The latter typically requires a bone grafting procedure to build up the treatment site so an implant can be securely placed.

Expertise and Experience

When it comes to dental implant surgery, the last thing you want is to work with an inexperienced dentist. Finding a professional with the proper credentials and a track record of producing successful results can be quite comforting when it comes to moving forward with treatment.

It never hurts to ask the dentist if he or she has received any additional postgraduate training. You can also take a look at the patient reviews to see if anyone has mentioned what their dental implant experience was like.

The Highest Quality Materials

Just like anything else in life, the success of dental implantation relies on the best materials being used. With the advancements in dental technology and fabrication methods, implants fuse with the existing bone faster than ever before and are ultra-durable.

To further support successful treatment outcomes, it’s common for implants to be shaped like the actual tooth roots with threaded posts that allow for an even more secure fit.

Excellent Dental Care

Thankfully, patients play an integral role in the longevity of their dental implants in Clintonville. Brushing and flossing (with a product specifically designed for dental implants) at least two times a day helps to keep oral bacteria under control. In turn, this reduces the risk of developing gum disease and suffering from bone and ligament damage that could compromise a dental implant.

Visiting a dentist semi-annually also factors into successful and lasting dental implants. These appointments allow for any developing issues to be identified and treated before they can cause bigger problems.

With the right components in place, many patients are able to enjoy their dental implants from 30 years up to a lifetime. To find out if you qualify for the procedure and to get on the road to a rebuilt smile, reach out to a local implant dentist today.

About the Author

A graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Dr. Eric Buck is a highly skilled and experienced dentist. To ensure that he can provide the most competent care possible, he has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education, which includes training from the prestigious Spear Education. Dr. Buck replaces missing teeth with dental implants at Creative Smiles, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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