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Do White Teeth Make You Look Younger?

June 17, 2020

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Woman showing off teeth whitening in Clintonville

From Botox and anti-wrinkle serums to skincare regimens and fillers, preventing or reversing the signs of aging seems to be on everyone’s mind. However, all of these measures are rendered ineffective when paired with a yellow, frail smile. In fact, a recent study by Oral B found that participants with whiter teeth were not only perceived to be younger but also 20% more attractive! If the discoloration on your teeth is causing you to look older than you are, then teeth whitening in Clintonville may be the treatment you are looking for. 

Will Whiter Teeth Make Me Look Younger?

According to recent research conducted by the experts at Oral B, the answer is a resounding yes! In their study, they used the same model to create the two photos they presented to the participants. However, in one photo the model had yellow teeth, and in the other photo she had white teeth. When the participants were asked to guess the model’s age in each photo, the results found that people with whiter teeth were viewed as younger. In fact, the model with yellow teeth was perceived to be 13 years older on average!

Why Do People Think Whiter Smiles Are Younger Smiles?

It’s obvious that the color of your smile impacts peoples’ perception of your age, but why is that? For decades, experts have asked themselves the same question. Time and time again, research has found:

  • People with whiter teeth smile more – Smiling not only improves your mental health, but it also causes others to perceive you as younger. Conversely, those who frown more are likely to be perceived as older.
  • Whiter smiles are more visible – According to Dr. Dacher, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, your smile is visible up to 200 feet away! It makes a powerful first impression and communicates warmth and confidence.
  • Those with bright smiles practice good oral care – It’s simple: when you have a smile you love, you take care of it. In addition to being perceived as healthier, people with whiter smiles are more likely to have an effective, consistent dental hygiene routine.

How Can I Get a Whiter Smile?

Priority number one is implementing a proper oral care regimen. While routine brushing and flossing are the foundation, bad dental habits and poor nutrition also play an instrumental role in creating a white smile. Therefore, it is important to speak with your dentist about improvements you can make to your dental hygiene routine. From there, your dentist can provide you with a teeth whitening treatment to lift stains and discoloration. In fact, your teeth can be lightened up to eight shades in one visit!

If discoloration and stains on your teeth are causing you to appear older than you are, then it is time to consider whitening your teeth. Fortunately, innovative technology and advanced dentistry can restore your youthful appearance and self-confidence in just one visit!

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