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The Types of Snacks That are Conducive to Excellent Oral Health!

January 10, 2020

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Your teeth are constantly bombarded by the leftover residue from the foods you consume. Thus, if you eat an abundance of processed items, your oral health can be compromised. Your dentist in Clintonville says that by making some healthier choices and cutting back on the amount of sugar you ingest, you can enjoy stronger teeth and gums. As you continue reading, you’ll learn about some changes that you can implement right now!

The Problem with Sugar

As tasty as it may be, sugar can come with a big price tag: a negative impact on your oral health. It turns out that it’s the preferred sustenance of oral bacteria. These microorganisms, which are always present in your mouth, flock to the area where there is any lingering debris. As they feed, they rapidly multiply and release caustic fluids that can lead to tooth and gum decay.

If the bacteria are allowed to grow unfettered, several types can gather and merge with your saliva to form plaque, a clear-sticky substance that works in a stealth-like fashion. Over time, it can wear down your tooth enamel and sink beneath the gum line to cause germ pockets to form. This can lead to a host of problems, which includes the development of gum disease.

Don’t worry, though, because you have a way to fight back through monitoring what you eat.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Cutting back on your sugar intake doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some enjoyable alternatives to consider:

  • Sugar-free gum – If you have a tendency toward eating candy, try switching to sugar-free gum. This can be especially helpful after eating a meal. That’s because the chewing action helps to stimulate your natural saliva production and the removal of debris from your teeth.
  • Fruit – A healthy way to satisfy a sweet craving is to eat a delicious apple, orange, banana or one of the many other types of fruits. Their natural sugars are much more conducive to maintaining your oral health.
  • Protein – A desire for sugar can sometimes be the result of a drop in your blood glucose. One way to address this is to eat protein-rich foods like cheese, chicken, nuts or turkey.

By implementing these strategies, you can better fortify your oral health, but there is even more that you can do.

The Value of Visiting Your Dentist

The American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist every six months for preventive care. These appointments provide a way for him or her to remove any plaque and tartar, perform a thorough examination and provide more pointers on how you can better protect your teeth and gums. With all of these pieces in place, you can make this your best year ever for your dental health!

About the Author

Dr. Eric Buck is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Throughout his career, he has stressed the importance of preventive dentistry and excellent dental care habits to his patients. Dr. Buck performs semi-annual checkups and cleanings at Creative Smiles, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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