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Learn Why the Cost of Dental Implants in Clintonville Can Vary

May 3, 2018

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An illustration of a dental implant.If you’ve been showing interest in getting dental implants, you’ll be happy to learn that their benefits can last you a lifetime. However, determining the cost of implants can be difficult for many dentists to give, at least initially. All patients respond to dental implants in Columbus differently, even with their incredibly high success rate. The length of treatment can also vary from patient to patient, which affects the overall cost.

So, let’s get into why this is an issue and the best way to determine the price.

The Factors That Influence Price

Since no two patients receiving dental implants are alike, the process in which they receive them can vary dramatically. Not only are they unlikely to get the same amount of implants, but the number of appointments, procedures, and level of customization of the implants can all cause the price to fluctuate. They aren’t like other restorations like bridges or dental crowns; implants are the most customizable tooth replacement option out there.

Furthermore, dental practices that promise a flat rate for all dental implants should be met with a fair amount of skepticism. No dentist can truly give an accurate price without learning more about a patient’s unique case. Some patients may require additional treatment to receive implants (i.e. a bone graft) while others may not need one at all.

The Best Option for Accurate Pricing

If you’ve ever tried to get an estimate for implant price with a dentist over the phone, it’s likely you weren’t able to get a straight answer. This is why scheduling a dental implant consultation is a much better solution for learning the price you’d need to pay. When you speak with a dentist directly, especially one who knows your medical history, they’ll feel much more confident building a treatment plan from top to bottom and determining the cost that way.

Additionally, speaking with a dentist directly will give you the opportunity to discuss options you may not have been aware of before. As mentioned earlier, many patients aren’t sure whether they have enough healthy bone to receive implants, but a bone graft can improve the chances of successful implantation. Maybe an implant retained denture is better for your unique case.

However, you won’t know for sure until you have the consultation first.

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

At the end of the day, dental implants in Columbus are the best tooth replacement option that money can buy. Compared to other restorative options, dental implants offer patients more durability, reliability, and functionality than any crown, bridge, or denture. They typically last the longest, so while they can be expensive at first, their often regarded as having the best value when replacing teeth.

Unlike other replacement methods, implants also restore the functions of your mouth. Blood flow can continue in the face and cheeks, helping you maintain your appearance and prevent sagging. They also prevent bone resorption from happening, keeping your jaw strong for years to come.

The best way to determine the cost of dental implants is to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Columbus. You’ll get an estimate that is trustworthy and reflects your needs!

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Dr. Eric Buck’s treatment for dental implants is designed to renew teeth from the roots on up. If you’re trying to restore the basic functions of your teeth, Dr. Buck can make it happen. To learn more about his treatments or practice, contact him through his website.

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