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How to Handle Tooth Trouble with Your Emergency Dentist in Clintonville

January 15, 2018

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A dental emergency.For some people, dental emergencies are much more common than for others. If you participate in high-impact sports, you may wear a mouthguard to shield your teeth from damage. However, sometimes you’ll bite into food you always eat and be surprised when you feel your tooth crack. A tooth injury can literally be around the corner, especially if you trip when going to make the turn.

Your emergency dentist in Clintonville doesn’t want you to be unprepared. Use these tips to handle a dental emergency right the first time.

If Your Tooth Has Broken, Chipped, or Cracked

If your tooth has cracked, you’ll need to determine the severity of the crack to know if it warrants an immediate trip to the dentist or not. If it’s a small crack, then a filling can restore it. If it’s larger, it may need a crown. If the crack reaches all the way to the pulp, it needs to be extracted to prevent the area from becoming infected.

If you’re not in pain, then you’re in a much better position. You can afford to wait a few days as the crack is remineralized by your saliva. When you call your dentist, give them as much information as possible so they know what to expect at your appointment. Until then, avoid applying pressure to that side of your mouth and resume brushing as normal.

If You’ve Had an Injury or Fall

If you’ve had a serious fall or suffered a large amount of trauma to your mouth, there’s a good chance some damage occurred and you should see a dentist as soon as possible. They’ll take a closer look at your mouth and determine the best treatment to fix your tooth.

Keep in mind, your emergency dentist can’t handle all injuries. They’re job is to address issues that an ER wouldn’t be able to. If you feel like your jaw is fractured or you’re bleeding profusely, an ER doctor will be better equipped to help you. After you’ve finished getting stiches or X-rays and prepared a treatment, you can schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist in Columbus.

If Your Tooth Was Knocked Out

After locating your tooth, the most important thing to do is to keep it moist in a container filled with milk, saline solution, or saliva. Do not let the tooth dry out as this will reduce your chances of getting it reimplanted. When you find your tooth, do not remove any tissue that’s stuck to it. Avoid touching the root and pick it up by the crown.

If you can, try place the tooth back into the socket by looking and visualize what it looked like before it fell out. Make sure you don’t place it in the wrong way. After placing it in the socket, gently bite down and see if it stays in place. The key is to make it to your dentist or emergency room within one hour as this is the best window of time for a knocked-out tooth to be reimplanted.

In case of a dental emergency, contact your emergency dentist in Columbus. They can help you save your tooth!

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Dr. Eric Buck is a faculty member at Spear Education, which focuses on teaching the art of dentistry to dentists after already earning their dental degree. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry, but that hasn’t stopped him from learning more. To contact Dr. Buck’s practice, you can do so via his website or by calling (614) 459-7766.

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