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The Top 5 Benefits of Dental Implants in Clintonville

February 28, 2017

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 tooth replacement with dental implants in columbusAre you already missing one or more teeth? Or perhaps you’re on the brink of tooth extraction — either way, the effects of tooth loss are significant. Finding a good replacement is crucial for protecting your overall quality of life, and dental implants replace teeth better than any option currently available. Considering the replacement for your own smile? In this week’s blog post, the Creative Smiles team shares the top 5 benefits of dental implants in Clintonville.

#1: Better Oral and Overall Health

Dental implants are made out of titanium, a material that is able to grow together with your jawbone. The process, known as osseointegration, provides superior stability for your replacement teeth and prevents the diminishing volume in the jawbone that is common with tooth loss. You know the sunken, drawn look denture wearers often have? Dental implants prevent that by keeping your jawbone sturdy, strong, and whole for decades to come.

#2: Superior Fit (AKA Freedom From Denture Creams)

There’s nothing worse than a denture that slips around or rubs blisters in your gums, and denture adhesives/creams provide little help. Thankfully, teeth replaced with dental implants fit the way they should from day one. That’s because the stabilized jawbone stays the same shape, so dentures never lose their fit.

#3: Corn on the Cob, Anyone?

A great fitting tooth replacement allows you to eat what you like, when you like. Don’t stress out that you’ll have to cut your fancy steak into tiny pieces, or feel like you have to skip out on your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables. Dental implants mimic your natural tooth structure so closely, they can withstand much more pressure than a non-implant supported denture or bridge.

#4: Best Financial Investment

While they may come at a higher initial price than non-implant supported replacement, dental implants can last a lifetime when cared for properly. That makes them by far the best financial investment you can make. Even with proper care, traditional dentures require replacement every five years or so — and that really adds up. Alternately, pay for dental implants once, maintain your excellent care and maintenance, and enjoy your comprehensive tooth replacement for life.

#5: Easy to Clean for Better Oral Health

It’s impossible to floss between a fixed bridge, as the prosthetic crowns are affixed tightly to one another. But because they closely mimic your natural tooth structure, a fixed dental implant replacement is as easy to clean as your natural teeth. Simply brush, floss, and visit your dentist as recommended for routine cleanings and checkups and your teeth and gums will continue to stay healthy, clean, and disease-free. (Removable implant-supported dentures, however, still require special maintenance.)

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Dr. Buck partners with a trusted oral surgeon for the placement of the implants, then restores them and provides continued dental implant maintenance from the comfort of our office. Want the best for your smile? Request an appointment with your dentist in Columbus to get started discussing your tooth replacement today!

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