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How Can Handwashing and Sanitizing Help Beat COVID-19?

June 24, 2020

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Dentist in Clintonville washing their hands

Although extensive studies are being conducted daily on the novel COVID-19 virus, experts are unanimous on the importance of handwashing. After all, recent decades have shown how powerful hand hygiene is in fighting off a variety of pathogens, including food-borne diseases and viral infections. However, two important factors need to be considered: frequency and technique. Your dentist in Clintonville shares how hand hygiene can help beat COVID-19, six steps to cleaning your hands properly, and when to practice handwashing during a pandemic. 


Do White Teeth Make You Look Younger?

June 17, 2020

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Woman showing off teeth whitening in Clintonville

From Botox and anti-wrinkle serums to skincare regimens and fillers, preventing or reversing the signs of aging seems to be on everyone’s mind. However, all of these measures are rendered ineffective when paired with a yellow, frail smile. In fact, a recent study by Oral B found that participants with whiter teeth were not only perceived to be younger but also 20% more attractive! If the discoloration on your teeth is causing you to look older than you are, then teeth whitening in Clintonville may be the treatment you are looking for. 


5 Reasons Dental Implants Are So Popular

June 3, 2020

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Dentist showing patient dental implant in Clintonville

Did you know that over 3 million Americans have used dental implants to restore their smile? According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, this is just the beginning! As dental implants continue to soar in popularity, more and more patients with missing or damaged teeth are looking to pursue this restorative treatment option. If you have gaps in your smile or have difficulty chewing, then here are five reasons to consider dental implants in Clintonville. 


The Right Way to Clean a Dental Practice During COVID-19

May 25, 2020

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the clean dental office of dentist in Clintonville

Because of the threat that the COVID-19 virus poses, cleaning a dental office isn’t as simple as just spraying disinfectant and wiping down the equipment. Instead, dental practices are taking a detailed and thorough approach to ensure you’re safe when you visit. Read on to learn what your dentist in Clintonville is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


What to Expect at Your First Appointment When Your Dentist Reopens

May 18, 2020

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woman happy about visiting her dentist in Clintonville

Because of COVID-19, dentists around the country were forced to place non-emergency care on hold. Now that the curve has begun to flatten and states are slowly reopening, many dentists are once again providing a full spectrum of services. However, you can expect to see some changes at your next appointment. Read on to discover what you can look forward to when you visit your dentist in Clintonville and find out why these measures have been put in place.


The Steps Dentists are Taking to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

April 10, 2020

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the clean environment provided by your careful dentist in Clintonville

Under normal conditions, dentists follow a strict set of protocols to ensure that patients are protected from infection when visiting for care. Because COVID-19 presents such unique challenges, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued some specific guidelines to be followed for the protection of patients and dental professionals. As you continue reading, learn about some of the steps your dentist in Clintonville is taking to ensure you can receive care in a safe environment.


5 Key Traits to Look for in Your Local Emergency Dentist

April 6, 2020

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man experiencing toothache needs an emergency dentist in Clintonville

When a dental emergency strikes, you’re immediately working against the clock, as you may be dealing with oral bleeding, acute pain, a dislodged tooth or one of many other problems that can arise. In these anxious moments, you need to know that you can count on your emergency dentist in Clintonville to meet all your needs. After all, you’ll have enough to worry about. Read on to learn about 5 traits that you should look for in an emergency dentist so you can get the vital care you need.


More Time on Your Hands? Why Not Improve Your Oral Hygiene?

March 31, 2020

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woman blonde hair thinking about tips from dentist in clintonville

With the current shelter-in-place guidelines issued by most states, you may have more time on your hands than ever before. How can you maximize it? Your dentist in Clintonville suggests using it as an opportunity to upgrade your dental care habits at home. Thus, you’ll be able to experience the benefits that come along with being more proactive. Read on to get some helpful tips!


Should I Consider My Tooth Sensitivity to be a Dental Emergency?

March 28, 2020

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man in pain contemplating visiting emergency dentist in clintonville

With the COVID-19 crisis reaching its peak in America, most dentists are only treating dental emergencies. If you’ve been experiencing tooth sensitivity, then it can leave you in a state of limbo, wondering whether it should be treated as a form of dental trauma. To help you navigate these uncertain times, an emergency dentist in Clintonville has some expert insight to share. Continue reading to get the information you need.


Office Update Regarding COVID-19

March 25, 2020

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In our efforts to keep you updated and informed on how we are trying to keep you dentally healthy, we will be posting to our website and Facebook pages several times each week.  We are open to serve our patients and our community’s urgent dental needs during this time. Do not hesitate to call, text, email, and/or message us.  We are also available for teledentistry services by sending photos and description to the number below so that we can decide the best course of action.  We are following all necessary disinfecting, sterilization, PPE guidelines and recommendations in order to continue providing the quality of care that our patients know and expect.

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