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Meet Our Columbus Dental Team


Front Office Administrator

Lyndsey has been working in the dental world for five years and counting, having spent 2½ of those as a member of our dental team. She achieved a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Bradford Technical College and is also certified in radiology and CPR. Her favorite part of her job is the wonderful staff members and being able to help patients feel comfortable.

Originally from Clintonville, Lyndsey has a very tall family! She is 5’10”, her husband is 6’8”, and her two-year-old is already 3½ feet tall. Whenever she has free time, she enjoys doing yoga, going to concerts, spending time around animals, gardening, and being with her family.



Front Desk Administrator/Treatment Planner

Marilyn is originally from Columbus, Ohio and is a long-term veteran of our practice. She loves the satisfaction that comes from caring from our patients. She ends each day proud of easing fears and showing our patients just how much she cares.

Outside of the office, Marilyn is an avid musician who loves the outdoors. She enjoys wildlife gardening, is an animal rights advocate, and even teaches Middle Eastern and African hand drums! She is happily married to her husband Doug and has four daughters and two grandsons.



Dental Assistant

Sierra is originally from Minford, and she first joined our practice 1½ years ago with four years of overall experience in dentistry. She loves the patients she gets to work with!

Sierra has a very close, open-minded, and caring family. In her free time, she enjoys shooting guns, listening to music, and being outdoors. Her aim is dead-on with a compound bow.




Dental Hygienist

Nicci first joined our practice a year ago, and she has 12 years of dental experience overall. She attended Columbus State Community College and has additional training in medical emergencies and anesthesia. Her favorite part of her job is her coworkers, the fabulous patients, and their brand-new office!

Nicci’s family is fun, compassionate, and loud. Originally from Somerset, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and fur babies and reading a good book. She has the uncanny ability to make people laugh and smile even when they don’t want to.